Monday, May 10, 2010

developing a passing attack to the wildcat offense

I coach at the high school level JV head coach/ offensive coordinator. Last season I had my first loosing season in my short 6 year coaching career; however, I felt like I coached harder and learned more last year then all my other winning seasons combined. Going into the season I was well aware of the lack of talent and I understood that I needed to try something different. After all I saw that lining up in an I formation and running into what seemed like a brick wall was not going to do anything but put me on suicide watch :) Early in spring training I started tinkering with the idea of putting in the Wildcat offense or at least what I consider to be the wildcat. After opening up week one with a devastating 48-14 loss I decided to make the Wildcat a primary offense. This offense did not work miracles and we did not win any championship; however, it was apparent that our offense could now move the ball, and we seemed to just compete in every game. I survived the season and our new addition to my offense will continue to always be at least a part of my playbook. Next year I have a QB coming in that has a good arm and great speed, as well as some decent running backs. Its obvious that next year looks a lot brighter. I have been thinking of ways to add more of a passing attack to my wildcat so that teams cannot just load up the box. With my QB who can run and pass we should be a lot tougher. I have plenty of run and miss direction plays. If anyone has some ideas about passing out of the Wildcat I would love to hear about them.